Wine Tasting In Big Bear? Le Dolce Vita Bring The Wineries To You

Le Dolce Vita Big Bear

A couple of weeks ago we were in Big Bear and after a taking a nice kayaking tour around the lake I decided to do a quick Google search for something “wine” related. Of course, being on top of a mountain I was expecting to find maybe a wine store, possibly a restaurant with a decent wine list, but not a stand-alone tasting room.

I was surprised to find a Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room listed as the one and only wine bar on the mountain, so I headed over to check it out. From the moment I entered I felt right at home as the owner welcomed me and handed the latest tasting menu.

Le Dolce Vita Tasting Room

Le Dolce Vita wants to go beyond a simple tasting room and actually replicate the experience of visiting a winery. They alternate between different wineries offering full flights from one source. Along with great wine they have excellent food pairing and the owners are both wine lovers they can help you enjoy the combination of food and wine, teaching you a few things along the way!

I was impressed with the wine, the service, the decor, heck everything was perfect! In fact they even have a lounge in the back with great couches and a big screen TV so if you want to enjoy the big game while sipping some delicious wine, you can do that too. Of course there’s only so much I can tell you about Le Dolce Vita, to get the full story, why not hear it from one of the owners themselves? Below is a video I shot while I was there, this will give you the full story of what makes this little gem on the top of a mountain oh so special:

So next time you find yourself in Big Bear or Lake Arrowhead, make sure to check-out Le Dolce Vita, it’s our new favorite spot on the mountain, and something tells me it will be yours too!

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  1. Marianne Lins January 10, 2013 at 10:10 am #

    please contribute to my blog if you’ve had experiences (either good or bad) trying to find a decent wine by the glass at one of our local restaurants.
    We can always get great wine at LDV, but I want a nice glass of wine with a meal too.
    Thank you! Marianne

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