Weekly Wine News Update – Secrets to Picking Wine

Hello fellow wine lovers and welcome to our Weekly Wine News Update here on Blog About Wine. We have had a very busy month which means not nearly enough time wine tasting, and with our wedding less than two months away, it’s only going to get busier! Of course while we are busy, so is the wine world and as usual, we want to keep you, our readers in the know. So sit back, relax, pour yourself a nice glass of your favorite wine and enjoy some of the top wine news below.

Aspen’s Food and Wine Classic: secrets to picking wine

What does a wine expert wear for schooling a crowd of wine lovers at the exclusive Food & Wine Classic in Aspen?  If you’re Mark Oldman, you channel Loverboy’s Mike Reno in retro red leather pants and red bandana (more on his costume later).

I attended two wine seminars at the Food & Wine Classic in Aspen, Colo.  The first, with wine author and lecturer Oldman called Outsmart the Wine List, was peppered with so-called “nugget alerts”. (Read More)

Some Kinds of Red Wine May Not Trigger Migraines

Many migraine sufferers find that the pleasure of a having a glass of red wine is soon followed by the pain of a headache. Now a small new study suggests that when it comes to migraines, some types of red wine may be more likely to trigger a headache than others.

“My suggestion is the more tannins the wine has, [the] more migraine attacks it triggers,” says researcher Abouch V. Krymchantowski, MD, PhD, of the Rio Headache Center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in an email to WebMD. (Read More)

Wine Enthusiast Magazine to Name America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants

Wine Enthusiast Magazine has announced the second release of the August Restaurant Issue dedicated to presenting America’s 100 Best Wine Restaurants of 2012. The editors of Wine Enthusiast Magazine have scoured the country for the ultimate in wine dining. These 100 restaurants stood out to Wine Enthusiast’s editors because of their innovative menus, excellent hospitality and extraordinary wine service, each with a unique ambiance. (Read More)

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