VinExpo Asia-Pacific Kicks Off In Hong Kong

Wine Tasting

It’s no secret that Asia has been become a larger player in the wine world and today their largest event gets underway in Hong Kong. This gives winemakers from around the world the chance to taste some of China’s best wines. In case you didn’t know, China is the largest consumer of spirits, consuming almost 995 cases in 2010 alone.

The wine trend has been growing quickly in China, five years ago the idea of Chinese wine was just about unknown, now it’s becoming increasingly common to read about this up and coming wine region. This in turn has increase wine consumption which is at an all time high and doesn’t look to be going anywhere but up.

“In terms of consumption volume in Asia, it’s grown 100 percent in the past five years. When you look at the per-capita consumption, there’s a bright future,” (Robert Beynat, VinExpo CEO)

The event is expecting close to 1,000 exhibitors to attend with representatives from all over the world. China is exporting to places like France and Australia like never before and the VinExpo will be yet another step forward for this growing wine region. Just like in the 1970’s when nobody believed in wine from the US, we might look back on today and remember a time before China was on the wine map, unless of course that day has already passed.

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