Pasternak Wine Becomes Sole US Importer The Mud House Wine Group

International wine juggernaut Pasternak Wine Imports had an exciting announcement to make at the beginning of the month. As of July 1, they became the sole US Importer of New Zealand’s The Mud House Wine Group.

Essentially, this means they will be responsible for getting the wine through US customs, advertising it to any interested buyers, and eventually distributing it. As the CEO of The Mud House Wine Group states in a press release, “Pasternak’s deep understanding of international fine wines and their keen ability to develop and grow consumer brands is a wonderful opportunity for the Mud House Wine Group. We are equally impressed with their creative marketing initiatives and the fierce dedication to wine that the PWI organization embodies.”

Pasternak also has reason to celebrate. Though The Mud House Wine Group attributes most of its success to the serendipitous terroir of its vineyards, there is little doubt that talent also plays a role. It has a prestigious pedigree, with the two leading winemakers–Nadine Worley and Cath Oates–being a Young Winemaker of the Year Finalist and New Zealand International Wine Show judge, respectively. Perhaps as a result, its Sauvignon Blanc was named Gastropub Wine of the Year in 2011.

These award-winning wines will fit in well with Pasternak’s other sundry vinos, such as Rutini Cab and Trumpeter Torrontés, both of which are currently under consideration for Snooth’s People’s Voice Wine Award; and Château la Nerthe Châteauneuf du Pape 2005, which Snooth gave Wine of the Year.

This is merely yet another expansion to PWI’s already substantial holdings. It already imports wines from places as far-reaching as Chile, France, and Australia. Impressively enough, it makes sure to get the wine distributed across all fifty states.

To put it simply, PWI is not a small . In fact, this expansion is wildly reminiscent of one that occurred at the beginning of July 2010, when Chateau Le Nerth was acquired by PWI. Chateau Le Nerth’s Managing Director went on record stating, “Pasternak’s ability to strategically target channels and markets with our range of iconic wines provides Château La Nerthe the opportunity to build and grow our wines in this most important market.”

Pasternak’s marketing and distribution have been remarkably successful, turning the heads of some of the biggest names in winemaking. Assuming things remain as they are, both The Mud House Wine Group and Pasternak are likely to be happy with their newly minted partnership.

And that’s something wine connoisseurs everywhere should be celebrating, perhaps with a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc.

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