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Wine Wednesday Wine News Update: New Wines Pair With Moods Rather Than Food

Hello fellow wine lovers and welcome to another Wine Wednesday here on The wine world is constantly changing and now we are starting to see companies try new ideas to attract new customers. Let’s face it, your average wine drinker doesn’t know much about wine, so it really is the marketing done by the […]

Vino For Your Valentine: Wine and sexual health

Wine and sexuality have been inexplicitly linked since the time of ancient Greece. As the Ancient Greek legend goes, it was Dionysus’ tear that gave birth to wine. The Roman’s Dionysus became Bacchus, the God of wine and fertility. Results? Well the God Bacchus married Venus to birth their Godly child Priapus. Besides the Greek […]

Thanksgiving Wine Tips

With just two days until Thanksgiving many of us are winding down the work week early and getting ready for the ultimate feast. For wine lovers like ourselves this presents a serious challenge given the variety of dishes that come-together during Thanksgiving. One of the biggest challenges with Thanksgiving Dinner is the number of sugary […]