Wine Wednesday Wine News Update: New Wines Pair With Moods Rather Than Food

Hello fellow wine lovers and welcome to another Wine Wednesday here on The wine world is constantly changing and now we are starting to see companies try new ideas to attract new customers. Let’s face it, your average wine drinker doesn’t know much about wine, so it really is the marketing done by the wine company that will drive the sales.

Treasury Wine Estates is one of the first to take a bold step in a new direction. They are focusing on a demographic known as “millennial women” or “mommy” wine drinkers. Rather than focusing on typical wine qualities or characteristics they are using catch-phrases like “Be Bright” to get in good with this audience. It’s a great marketing concept and it is already working its magic and helping to differential Treasury from many of the other wines targeting this niche.

So where did the inspiration for this marketing strategy come from? Treasury took the time to get to know their target customers by spending 3-4 hours at home with female wine drinkers and learning more about what they like and how they buy. They discovered “millennial women” loved to buy wine, it was fun for them, but the choices were overwhelming. Overly wordy labels turned customers away, so Treasury went for simplicity and language that really connects with their audience.

The result? A new wine movement aimed at getting-away from the typical wine lingo and boring descriptions to what some might see as Wine 2.0! That’s our top story for this week but there is plenty of great wine news so read below and you can stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest from the wine world:

In the mood for wine? A wine for every mood

You know wine and food pairings. But how do you feel about wine and mood pairings?

That’s the approach being taken by a new line of wines — “Be.” — from Treasury Wine Estates that are aimed at an emerging segment of the market: millennial women.

With marketing pitches like “Be Radiant” and “Be Bright,” and descriptors like “Fresh Chardonnay” and “Flirty Pink Moscato,” there’s no mistaking these wines for more staid, chateau-studded labels. (Read More)

Wine Lovers on Horseback Canter, Slurp on Bordeaux Excursion

First, we drank a glass of sweet fermented bernache, pink and bubbly, with our lunch appetizer of warmed chestnuts. Then a local Cotes de Bourg, to accompany the chicken, salad and pate. As we moved onto the cheese course, another Cotes de Bourg appeared, this one from the Bordeaux chateau on whose grounds we were picnicking. (Read More)

DaVinci® Wine Launches Second-Annual “Storyteller Experience,” Inviting Creative Individuals to Apply for a Trip to Tuscany

A week in Tuscany awaits four creative individuals as DaVinci Wine debuts its second-annual Storyteller Experience on the brand’s Facebook page.

The program, which garnered over 200 applications last year, is designed to give artists, photographers, chefs, writers and other creative types a behind-the-scenes look at the people and place behind the brand’s celebrated wines in the storybook Tuscan town of Vinci–birthplace of Leonardo da Vinci and home to DaVinci Wine’s thriving cooperative of over 200 growers. (Read More)

Best spots for wine in Pittsburgh

Not so long ago big-haired waitresses in white blouses, black skirts and orthopedic shoes offered Pittsburghers two wine choices: “red or white, hon.”

Not so anymore.  These days it’s not unusual for a restaurant to serve over 20 wines by the glass—with a hip staff that’s both knowledgeable about the varietals and trained in food pairings.  To help navigate Pittsburgh’s wine scene, we picked the brains of local wine celebs and then conducted our own research (aka bar hopping) to  find the best spots in town to enjoy a glass of wine. (Read More)

Wine Guys – Wine Picks

If you like sipping umbrella drinks in the Caribbean sun, you’ll understand the passion of Scott Folkins.

Vacationing from his Florida marketing job with Proctor & Gamble, Folkins often found himself at a Caribbean bar with one of those island drinks. You know the kind: pretty color, fruity, deceptibly potent and easy drinking — they can get you into trouble. (Read More)

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