Wine News Update For March 2nd 2012: Hosts Industry Summit


Hello fellow wine lovers and welcome to another Wine News Update here on Is it just us or did this week just fly by? 2012 is already shaping-up to be an exciting year in the wine world and as always, we’re excited to bring you the lates and greatest from the wine world, on that note – onto the news! Hosts Second Annual Industry Summit, the nation’s number one online wine retailer, hosted its second annual Wine Industry Summit on Tuesday. Attendees included 230 wine industry executives, a 40 percent increase in participation from the 2011 inaugural event, composed of leading winery, import supplier and wholesaler partners of The event program consisted of presentations by executives highlighting the growth and performance of as a company, 2011 customer purchasing trends, seminars to share insights on merchandising and website functionality, and a site tour of its flagship distribution center, an 80,000 square foot facility in Berkeley. (Read More)


The Most Welcoming Wine Region

Of all the wine regions in France, the Loire Valley, some of whose red wines are featured in my column this week, might be my top choice for wine tourism.

For starters, there is plenty to do for those members of a group who don’t get excited by the prospect of standing around in chilly cellars, slurping and spitting wine and discussing the nuances of terroir with a local vigneron. (Read More)


The Wine, Spirits & Beers of March

March is the month for that favorite party, the time we celebrate Saint Paddy who chased the snakes out of Ireland and converted the heathen. But March 2012 is a month of much more. There are craft beers to seriously contemplate, Pisco Sours to sip in honor of Peru, the High Museum of Art’s magnificent wine tastings and auction, orgasmically grown wines to try. It all starts this weekend with a fine fest celebrating beer, barbecue, babes,and bourbon although not necessarily in that order. (Read More)


Wine Experts’ Rating Meaningless For Most Consumers

A wine expert’s acute sense of taste may mean that expert ratings and recommendations are irrelevant to wine consumers who were not born with the ability to discern small differences in a broad range of tastes, according to a team of international researchers. (Read More)

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